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Pumpkins Part 3

The final installment of pumpkin decor ideas is here!  These last ideas are perfect for personalizing your house and home.  I hope you've been as inspired by all of the ideas as I have!  Now on to the last bunch... Carve out your house numbers on a stack of pumpkins.  Guests will be sure to find the right address.   via Better Home and Gardens Here is another example of using your house numbers.  But this time they are carved all the way through giving off a nice, warm glow.  If you're unsure of your own drawing skills, use a stencil or create your own by printing off the numbers on your computer, cutting them out and then tracing their outline onto your pumpkin before you start carving. These amazing pumpkins are so unique and easy to make.  All you need are some nail heads!  Use them to create a design or display your house number.   via The last porch idea is one I've featured before on my monograms post.  But it's defi

Wine of the Month Club

One of our favorite wedding presents has arrived...and will continue to for the next 11 months!  Hooray for our Wine of the Month membership! I'm convinced that "____ of the month clubs" are great gift ideas.  They are the gifts that keep on giving.  And who doesn't love getting a package filled with a new yummy treat every month?

Pumpkins Part 2

Let the pumpkin decor continue!  Today's ideas can be featured inside and outside of your home.  I hope these can get your creative juices flowing.  October is just around the corner! Square wreaths are a great break from the norm and this leafy one, is no different.  You can bring the colorful foliage from the trees right to your front door.  And although the "pumpkin" part of this idea is minimal, it is the perfect accent to create a harvest welcome.  And it can be featured all the way through Thanksgiving! via Better Homes and Gardens These painted pumpkin topiaries offer another way to welcome guests and trick-or-treaters to your home.  The painted trees and punched out stars are a simple and unexpected way to dress up your pumpkins and front porch.   via Good Housekeeping Boo!  You can create your own spooky pumpkin message with the help of a plunger apple corer.  Who said it could only be used on apples?    This design takes little to no effort, but look

Pumpkins Part 1

The pumpkins are out in full force!  And if you haven't visited your local grocery or my personal favorite, a pumpkin patch, you should!  Pumpkins are one of the reasons why I love fall so much.  They are pretty inexpensive and can be used to decorate in many ways.  In fact, they can be used in so many ways that I will have to do multiple posts just to show you all of the great ideas I've been stashing away.  But enough of the talk.  Let's get to the pictures and start decorating! If orange just doesn't do it for you, this idea is for you. Creamy whites and neutrals make up this center piece of pumpkins, gourds, wheat and candles.  Effortless and beautiful. via Better Homes and Gardens I've shown this picture before, but I had to show it again because I just love it.  I think it may be the cutest "Boo" I've ever seen.  Using pumpkins as a canvas for a message is a great idea.  via Good Housekeeping I love the little pumpkins resting on the moss

Fall Updates

After the first pumpkin sightings and cool, crisp breezes we've had here for these last few days, I think it's time to bring fall to W. Broadway Avenue.  I know I mentioned in a previous post that we already put up some outside decor, but now we have some inside as well. All it takes to get your home feeling like fall is a trip to your local craft store and a little rearranging.  Most of the changes I made were from things I already owned that were stored away or in other parts of our home.   The living room and dining room are the places that I made all of the changes.  These are the rooms most seen and used by ourselves and our guests.  And because we didn't transform the whole house, we could easily pull fall inspired things from other rooms to add to these. First, I removed all of my cool tones from the living room, including pillows, accessories and artwork.    I replaced the artwork by the TV (which I moved to our bedroom) with a skyline painting featuring lots

Tailgating Ideas

It's officially fall and that means it's time for football!  One of my readers and friends has asked me to write an entry on my ideas for a football/tailgating party.  Even if you're not someone who loves football, this can still be a great way to support your husband and throw a party :) So let the fun begin... First you'll need to dress up the table for your party.  Pick a tablecloth in one of your team's colors and layer a grass table runner on top.  You need a field for football, right?  If you want to buy a real grass runner like this one, you can spend around $50 dollars.  If you want almost the exact same look for less, pick up a couple of moss table runners at Michaels for around $15. Now for the part that everyone loves...the food!  You can still use the normal desserts like these store bought brownies, but add a little team spirit by garnishing your treats with your team's colors.  In this case, m&m's as seen on  I a

Princess Ball

Today marks our 5 month wedding anniversary!  Unfortunately, we will both be working late though.  For once, I think Jon will even beat me home. Yep, that's right.  I have my first big event tonight, the Princess Ball.  I'm very excited about it but wish I wouldn't be getting home so late.  Jon and I have both been working like crazy this week, and unfortunately, we will be this weekend too.  I have the second night of the Princess Ball tomorrow, and Jon will be flying all weekend.  I'm looking forward to next weekend when we can both relax! As promised, here are a few Princess Ball sneak peek pictures showing what I've been working on these past few days! Some of the 25 arrangements I did. Close-up of the beautiful flowers Finished centerpiece minus the sticks Please ignore the metal folding chairs.  If there was one thing I could change out the space it would be those.  I think it should be the law that every event facility have chiavari chairs.  Don't