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April Fool's

Yesterday I started working on different furniture layouts for our baby's nursery.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Jon and I are having a baby! If you aren't a close friend or family member (or friend who saw our announcement on Facebook) this will be news to you!  Baby Reutter is set to make his/her debut around Decemeber 3.  The original due date was November 26th, but the doc said I was measuring small at my 10 week appoint and pushed the date back a week.  We will see which date is closest in the end.  I know the baby will make its debut on its own time anyway.  Did you know only 5% of women have their baby on their actual due date?  Crazy.  But I digress. Here is the picture we used to make the announcement on Facebook.  The top left picture was taken of us at the airport heading out to our honeymoon a little over three years ago.  And since we are now adding one to the team, we had to get Baby a Team Reutter shirt as well :) I found out the big, and surprising,