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Mer's Maternity Shoot

I get to shoot Mer's maternity pictures tomorrow, and I'm really excited/nervous about it.  I'm honored that she trusts me enough to allow me to capture such sweet memories for them.  It should be a blast! Here are the dresses purchased: Both of these came from  They have cute clothes and accessories and, lucky for us, a great maternity section as well!  We'll probably throw in a few other outfits too.  Yay for playing dress up! Here are the props being used: -quilt -ice cream cone -blue balloons -mini chalk board -C initial -Cohen bunting -antique settee And here are some shots that I hope to replicate:

DIY Yarn Wreath Tutorial

As mentioned in my post here , I'm in love with yarn wreaths.  I finally got around to making mine today, and thought I'd give you the low down in case you'd never heard of such. Materials needed: -Wreath form- Mine was a 12" from JoAnn's that cost about $4.50.  (You can also use the straw wreaths as long as you keep the plastic on them.) -Spool of yarn (On sale this week at Michael's for $2.99) -Hot glue and glue gun (already owned) -Remington is not necessary :) To start, put a dab of hot glue on the wreath and press down the start of your yarn strand. Once it dries, start wrapping the yarn around the wreath, pulling it taunt and scooting it close together so as not to leave any holes showing. I found that it was faster to wrap my yarn ball through several times and then pull the yarn tightly over so I didn't have to stop every time I pulled the spool through. The key is to keep the yarn tight, so if you need to take a break for any

Must-Know Room Measurements and a 3-Year Anniversary

House Beautiful recently supplied a list of 10 Must-Know Room Measurements in their October issue.  Luckily, that list is also now online so I don't have to retype them all for you guys :)  I'm actually not going to be sharing the whole list, but just those that I think apply to most people.  These may sound silly, but I can assure you that sooo many rooms would look much better if only a few of these measurements were known.  When picking out a dining room set, remember this... A 36-inch-wide rectangular table is perfect for conversation. A round table with a diameter of 48 inches seats six; a 60-inch round will handle eight standard dining chairs or 10 ballroom chairs. —Charlotte Moss. When looking for the right sized light fixture, remember this... How big should an overhead light fixture be? Just add the length and width of the room in feet, and whatever number you come up with is, in inches, your guide for the fixture's diameter. So a 15-by-20-foot room would n

Weekend in Review-Football and Bridal Shower

I had a pretty busy weekend, but it was a good busy, not a crazy busy. My sister and her hubby came up Friday and stayed through the weekend.  It's always nice to see them (and of course her baby bump).  They brought up the video of their 4d ultrasound, so we got to see Cohen in action as well!  What a treat! Saturday my friend Bekah had us over to watch the Alabama vs. Arkansas game.  Saturdays in the fall are almost always filled with football watching, but this one was especially good for several reasons. A.  Alabama won (Roll tide!) B.  Bekah made us some delicious taco soup C.  We had red velvet cookies - I like to call them Roll Tide red velvet cookies (Bekah made these too and they were delicious!) Sunday I helped host a bridal shower for one of my college sorority sisters.  You know I love a good party!  We all had a great time celebrating and catching up, and the food was delicious too!  Congrats again, Brittany! I was in charge of the fruit kabobs and the flowe

Front Door Makeover...for Free

All of that fall front porch talk from yesterday got me thinking about giving an update to my mom's front door.  It wasn't horrible, but it definitely could use a little embellishment. Before: I knew my mom already owned a fall wreath she purchased last year so the first thing I did was bring it out of storage.  That in itself added little color and life to the door, but I still wasn't satisfied. Then I remembered she had seen some house numbers that had been purchased for the mailbox but were never used.  Originally, I wanted to line them up horizontally across the door, but they ended up being too tall for the wood panel.  Since I didn't want to purchase anything new, I put my thinking cap on.  I began to wonder how they would look stacked vertically down the center panel.  I put them up there with 3M tape first so I could see the look before adding holes to the door.  This also allowed me to figure out the positioning I wanted.  Once I saw something I liked, I c

Fall Entrances

I had my first sightings of Halloween decorations today. While I think it might be a bit too soon for that, it did get me excited for fall. Fall is my favorite season, and I am so ready for front porches to scream "hello Autumn!" Pumpkins, mums, leaves...they all make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  Here are a few of my favorite examples of an entrance fit for fall. Who else wants to paint their front door red after seeing this one? A monochromatic theme goes a long way. Pottery Barn always gets it right. I'd love to sit out here all afternoon... I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch! :) Images via 1 , 2 , 3-Pottery Barn, 4

More Mason Jar Loves

The couples shower I'm helping host has a country western theme to it.  So, as you may have guessed, mason jar usage is in full effect.  This is the invite I picked out for the shower.  I love it.  Throw a mason jar on anything, and I'm in!  I ordered the invites from an Etsy shop called LemonadeMoments .  Stacy was very easy to work with and offers digital designs AND prints, which took a lot of work off of my plate.  She can customize anything to your liking and can create banners, cupcake toppers, thank you notes, etc. to match your design.  Go check her out! Another mason jar love of mine (and a ton of others who have repinned this) are these genius mason jar goblets.  Who knew that glass candlesticks, adhesive and mason jars could make such a statement? And if you want to change the typical mason jar look, add a little twine, and you'll get a something like this.  source unknown Images via 1 , 2

Back in Action

Hello, readers!  Sorry to keep you waiting for a post since last Thursday.  Jon and I spent the day with my grandparents and rushing home to write a post just didn't happen.  I began to think about how I started this blog as a fun outlet to share ideas and inspirations, and I don't want it to turn into a daunting, daily task.  So if I miss a day here and there because I'm busy or just not inspired, I've decided that's okay.  I hope you guys don't mind. With that being said, there is a lot going on here!  Aside from last minute shopping/crafting for Mer's shower and the couples shower I'm helping host, I'm also prepping for shooting Meredith's maternity photos and just (as in today) added training for a 10k in November to my list.  My friend Lauren approached me about it, and I thought "Why not?"  I'm always up for a good challenge :) But back to the showers.  I'm all about having a nicely decorated food table, but I think th

In the Meantime - Mom's Kitchen Updates

As I mentioned here , there are a lot of changes coming to my mom's kitchen in the future.  However, they aren't going to happen overnight.  There are several other things on the house "to do" list that currently trump the new cabinets.  So in the meantime, I've made a few FREE adjustments to bring a little life and function to the space. As shown before, there was an awkward and unsable space in the corner of the kitchen.   Luckily, we have a lot of unused furniture pieces in our garage and one of those pieces just happened to be an old buffet we haven't used in years.  I decided to measure the empty space and the buffet, and much to my delight, I realized it would be a pretty good fit for the time being.  So I dusted that baby off, brought it upstairs and started to accessorize. Now the space currently looks like this.  You may notice I also relocated the toaster to another counter.  I like the new, open feel and plan to get some cute glass canisters

Major Savings at Michael's

I've only just recently started couponing, but I've always been a girl who loves a good deal.  I mean, don't we all? Well if you're looking for some good craft deals, you need to hightail it to Michael's.  I went there yesterday to get some supplies for Mer's shower and a couple's shower I helping host and decided to check out the sales advertised in the Sunday paper as well.  I have to say, I feel like I hit the motherload. I walked out with a total of $27.82 and a savings of $40.01!  Let me show you what all I got. Here's the rundown: 6 Memory/Photo boxes- I love to use these instead of photo albums.  They are much more stylish and efficient with space.  They are also great for hiding and storing any unsightly things you might need within reach.  Here they are displayed on our desk in our old house.  At a price of 6/$10 I just couldn't pass them up.  They are regularly $4 each. 4 spools of ribbon- All half off.  These will be for food lab