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I enjoyed a great mini vacay home for Thanksgiving.  It was filled with lots of love, celebrations (my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary being the biggest) and laughter....and for that, I'm thankful. We reminisced about old times... (I'm on the right :)) Gathered at the table to enjoy some delicious food... Did a little crafting for Cohen's upcoming 1st birthday party... Can you tell the theme centers around a giraffe? Cheered the Tide on to victory... And enjoyed lots of time with this little guy who was more than amused with my iphone camera... :) I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was just as beautiful and refreshing as my own.

Paperwink and a New Home

There has been something I've been wanting to do ever since the day Jon and I got married.  I'm sure it's a silly thing to most, but for me, it meant home. I'm happy to announce that I finally ordered a custom address stamp for our new home!  Yes, I said it.  We bought our first home a few weeks ago, and for the first time in over 2.5 years, we won't be moving any time soon! Our new home is right around the corner (literally less than half a mile) from the house we were renting.  We knew we loved the neighborhood, but weren't planning on buying anything until next year.  However, when I saw this one on the Trulia listings that I so often stalk, I couldn't resist checking it out.  Jon ended up being just as smitten, so we threw caution our plans to the wind and decided to make it ours.  We were blessed to have a fairly smooth closing process and made it into the new house just days before Jon was set to leave again.  Talk about perfect timing. I'