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Colin and Maranda's Winter Wedding

I'm so excited to finally be able to bring you guys some more photos and details from Colin and Maranda's wedding that I mentioned here . The wedding photos are in, so let the oooh's and aaah's begin! The couple got married at the charming American Village in Montevallo, AL.  The weather was perfect.  The date was January 7th, but the temps would have made you think it was a spring wedding.  The chapel decor was fit for a winter wonderland with snow and pine cones anchoring the aisle.  The bridesmaids picked out their own black dresses and carried baby's breath bouquets while the groomsmen coordinated with mix-matched silver and black ties and baby's breath and pine cone boutonnieres.  From Colin's studebaker (used as the getaway car), to Maranda's twin nephews' outfits, to the barn reception site, the day was filled with vintage charm.   One of the things I was responsible for was the entry table and signage.  Maranda had th

Mine to Love

The chaos continues here in the Sunshine State.  The unpacking isn't quite complete, everything doesn't have specified place yet, and to top things off, our washing machine went out last night.  So Jon and I went shopping today, and we found a great pair at hhgregg.  I highly recommend them for any appliances or electronics.  We will have our new large capacity LG high efficiency top loader and dryer delivered tomorrow.  One more thing to check off the list! While my house is still in shambles, I think I'll just keep daydreaming of a place like this... And listening to a song like this .  It's been on repeat ever since I heard it.  I've been a fan of Dave Barnes ever since he first started his career, and his music continues to not disappoint.  Give his latest a listen.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

504 Reunion

Even though we're not quite settled into our new home, I'm leaving this weekend to go to a reunion with my best friends from college.  It's been far too long since me and my 504 girls (more on the name later) have gotten to spend a long time together!  It's going to be a great weekend!  Hope you guys have a great weekend as well!

A Look Inside Our New Home

We got all of our stuff delivered on Monday and have been working on conquering all of the boxes ever since. We are still not done, but since so many of you have asked to see the inside, I thought I'd give you a preview of our new home sans our belongings.  More to come soon!


Sorry for my absence as of late, but things have been crazy around here. A good crazy, but crazy nonetheless. 1. I coordinated my first wedding on Saturday.  More to come on that later! 2. My sister and baby Cohen have been in town since Friday night. I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with that sweet angel! 3. My Crimson Tide won another championship last night! My sister and I watched in our custom shirts my dad made us. The back had our names and birth years :) 4. I'm leaving for a somewhat impromptu trip to Virginia with my mom tomorrow!   5.  Jon and I move to Pensacola in less than two weeks! 

Elephant 1st Birthday Party

Well it's only taken me about a month to post, but I'd say this party is well worth the wait.  I had a blast working on twins Sawyer and Preston's first birthday party.  I've been friends with their Aunt Lauren since 9th grade and have had the pleasure of making many memories with their family over the years.   So when their mommy, Hayley, came to me asking for help with their first birthday, I was thrilled.  She wanted it to be perfect and put a lot of time and thought into making it just right for them.  I was so glad to be able to help her with the process, and I think the final outcome was nothing short of amazing thanks to all of the family and friends who helped along the way.  Hayley's in-laws' beautiful home proved to be the perfect setting for the soiree.  A custom door hanger was placed at the entrance and animal cracker favors reading "Animal crackers just for you. Elephants and friends from the zoo" were in a basket by the front door