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Woof Wednesday

These past two weeks have been crazy with our traveling/moving schedule, but now that we're all settled in Alabama (at least for a little while), I think it's high time I get back to posting about some adorable pups who need a home. Today I'd like you to meet Choco .  This handsome fellow is a 3-year-old retriever/labrador mix who resides at the Shelby Humane Society in Columbiana, AL. If you would like to give him a happy home, please contact Sara with his identification number in the subject line ( 13824275 ).  His adoption fee is $60.  Even if you can't give him a home yourself, please help spread the word so we can find Choco a home soon! ••• Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Wanna join  Woof Wednesdays ? We would love to bring you on board. Start posting about a dog in need of a home on your blog or Facebook page today!

Hiding the Beast

It's that time of year again. The time of year when our weekends are consumed with tailgating, friends and football. Football is almost like a religion here in the South.  And while I'd never compare any coach to Jesus, many probably would.  Game times become the focus of each week.  Grills get fired up.  And when Saturday rolls around, we adorn ourselves with our team's colors and yell our hearts out while watching the battle on the field.  Aside from pigs in a blanket, fan gear and smack talk, there is one thing that most people can't do without during football season.  Especially the men.  What am I talking about?  A huge television, my friends.  I'm all about having a nice shot of the game, but let's face it, the large, 50+" screen can become an issue when it comes to decor. Don't get me wrong.  I love college football as much as the next person, but that doesn't mean I want an eye sour consuming my whole living room.  But have no fear. 

Invites Out!

I finished stuff all of the invites and inserts today. I decided to adorn the inserts with ribbon so they wouldn't get lost in the envelope.  Don't they look like mini bookmarks?  Very fitting for bringing a book, I'd say.   And here's a shot of the actual invite.  I love how it turned out! In other cute news, look how our little Riley fell asleep next to her daddy last night.  Cutie.  Pie. Alright, time to get back to organizing my mom's kitchen!

It's Shower Time!

I have three showers I'm helping with in the next three months.  I feel like I'm back to planning my wedding all over again!  The first shower is a wedding shower for one of my sorority sisters.  The colors that the other hostesses and I are using are brown and pink.  And here are a few ideas we have in mind. Floral filled apothecaries, white platters, pink personalized cocktail, and perhaps a little Bells of Ireland. I love a drink with a garnish.  Don't you?  Oh, and yes, we will be rocking the striped straws at this shower too :) I'm almost done with the invites for Baby Cohen's shower.  All I have left to do is finish the adding the inserts requesting that guests bring a book instead of a card.  I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with this concept, but I first discovered it about a year ago, and I know it's really been catching on.  The idea is to slip in a little note (or write on the invite itself) asking that instead of bringing a card (which

Green with Envy

It's no secret that I love the color green.  I'm always drawn to it when it comes to decor, and I even used it as one of the main colors in my wedding. I don't know what it is about green, but it just makes me happy.  And as far as decor goes, I think it's a pretty versatile color to use throughout your home.  In fact, I love it so that I think my next couch will be green.  Perhaps even green velvet.  I mean, seriously isn't this delicious? Here's one being sold by Urban Outfitters .  And another sold by Home Furniture Showroom . Perhaps I'd pair it with a rug like this . And pillows like this and this .   Although, I must say, I really like this rug too.    And of course I'm still smitten for this table. Oh the possibilites are endless!

Update on Cohen's Nursery

Well friends, all of the major work in Cohen's nursery is complete! The stripes are up and now the crown molding is in.  I think it looks great! Now with all of the painting out of the way, it's time to start bringing in some furniture!  As you may have noticed, his bed has now made an appearance.  I love the dark wood contrasted with the gray and white stripes.  Contrast is key. The following items have also arrived but have not yet been placed in the room: Navy Stripe Harper bumper and skirt from Pottery Barn We're going to use a plain white sheet and monogram his initials in navy. Rugby Stripe Bins from The Container Store These will be perfect for holding toys! Giraffe bust from Anthropologie Also on order is glider by Little Castle It's all starting to come together!  I'll be back with more updates as they occur.

Jarlath Mellett Inspiration

I've been cleaning out my grandmother's dresser for the better part of the day, and I'm still not quite done. It's almost like I'm on my own little treasure hunt, and so far I've come across some great finds.   I found lots of vintage jewelry, lockets, pocket watches, antique embroidered napkins, vintage perfumes (a bottle of the Gucci No. 3 - one just sold on Ebay for $100!), tons of silk scarves, my grandmother's NRA (National Rifle Association) marksman badge (go Mow-Mow), old photographs, a WWII U.S. military compass, and all sorts of other finds.  My mom will go through everything I've organized once she gets home from work.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few inspiring designs with you by the talented Mr. Jarlath Mellett.  Mellett, who was previously the Director of Design at Brooks Brothers, is now a full-time interior design in New York City and even has his own boutique shop in the Hamptons.  His style is immaculate, and it has l

We've Arrived!

Jon and I finally arrived in Alabama last night.  The 10-hour road trip went surprisingly smooth with our travel buddies.  Remington rode with me, while Riley held shotgun in Jon's car.   Not too long after we crossed the state line, we stopped to let the dogs have one last potty break.  And as soon as we got out of our cars we could smell "the South."  Even though I've lived away from Sweet Home Alabama for over four years now, I've never been greeted so sweetly upon my other returns as I was with this one.  Neither Jon nor myself had ever noticed the smell of the pines until now.  Oh how we've missed trees.  That, coupled the temperature gauge reading 85º at any hour other than two in the morning, had us beyond giddy.  So giddy that Jon called me during our convoy just to inform of the temperature :) After arriving at my mom's, we quickly unloaded all our stuff, had a nice home-cooked meal and settled in the for the night.  As you can see from the pi

Baby Wreath

I think baby Cohen needs one of these for his hospital room. Perhaps with his name on it.  It looks so cute, yet so simple!

On the Road Again...

Happy Friday friends!  We're on our way back to Dallas today to visit with friends before heading to Alabama Monday morning.  Last night, we got to see some of our old friends from Enid, and it was such a treat!  One thing I'm learning about the military, is that you end up having friends scattered all over the U.S. so you're never too far from someone!  It's great. For those of you who like to read my blog for the design content, I apologize that it's been lacking this week.  For those of you who like to keep up with the Reutter's, you've hit the motherload the last few days. So just to kind of balance it out, here are some of my resent pins on Pinterest to fill your design tank.  And if you don't know what Pinterest is, you are truly missing out and must join it soon! I would love this kitchen...hello, fireplace! ...and this banquette ...and this office ...and this outfit for the fall.  I've been daydreaming about fall so much lately!