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A Touch of Fall

I love these natural wreaths: A colorful statement made of backyard treasures and a mini marigold round with contrasting satin ribbon.   This room seems like the perfect fall escape, doesn't it? And what makes it even better is it could easily transition into a spring retreat when the leaves return.  You could switch out the duvet, add some floral pillows and have a room fit for spring.  Neutral rooms like this are great for quick changes in seasonal decor. Photos 1., 2. Better Homes and Gardens. 3. Chad Eiser via House Beautiful I'm off to see the adorable kiddos at the Haunted House at Jon's work! Happy Halloween weekend!

Skirt It

Office spaces can quickly become cluttered looking without some great storage solutions. Yet a nice big desk to house all of your stuff usually comes with a hefty price tag.  But no worries! There is an inexpensive and stylish solution.  Skirt it! Use an inexpensive table, piece of wood or countertop to make your desk and hide the legs and mess underneath with a custom made skirt (pleated, straight ruffled, etc.)  You can use any type of fabric you like so the possibilities are endless.  And if you're not so great at sewing, that okay.  You can use iron-on velcro to attach it and hemming tape for the edges. Now all of that ugly, but necessary stuff is hidden behind the skirt.  I also love the artwork on this desk.  All you have to do is buy a yard of fabric, cut out different sections and place it in a matted frame.  Another great DIY solution that won't break the bank.  An alternative for a free standing desk is covering it with big tablecloth or piece of fabric anchored

Halloween Candy Tip

Halloween is days away, which means Halloween candy is everywhere!  Because I have one of the biggest sweet tooth's around, this presents a problem.  If there is something sweet in our house, you can guarantee I will eat it.  Jon, on the other hand, has much better self control.  But I digress. So while I'm standing in the candy aisle, meticulously thinking about what type of treats I should buy, it hits me.  I should buy candy that I don't like!  Such a simple solution, right? To combat the urge to delve into the leftover pieces you don't hand out, pick something that you wouldn't normally eat.  I don't mean you have to buy something nasty that the kiddos won't want.  We all can remember disliking those certain houses that were notorious for handing out the tasteless, cheap candy when we were growing up.  I'm not saying that you have to be "that" house.  Here's an example.  I don't like nuts.  In anything.  So what did I buy?  Sni

Fashion Faves

One of my favorite things about fall is the great fashion.  Here are a few of my favorites from the season.   Zodiac "Panda" -$149.99  I probably need another pair of boots like I need a hole in my head, but these sure are tempting.  I love the leather/suede combo.  Fabulous.  Also available in other colors. AK Anne Klein Resin Watch -$55 This watch is a great alternative to the pricey look-a-likes.  And you gotta love the unique rosegold case.  Also available in other colors. BB Dakota "Clifton" Tiered Jacket -$129.00 Navy.  Tiered.  Decorative buttons.  Enough said. Collection XIIX Infinity Loop Scarf -$28 Infinity loop scarves create effortless style and the fringe just tops it off.

Organization-Kitchen and Jewelry

I got a lot of my organizational "to do's" marked off of my list today.  I think I'm a pretty organized person in the general sense, but when I got a glimpse into Martha Stewart's orderly kitchen drawers, I started thinking about all of the little drawers of chaos in my home.  And I knew I had some work to do. Naturally, I started in the kitchen. I'm somewhat of a sucker for dish towels.  Not the tacky seasonal kind but the nice waffle weave kind.  Up until today, they were haphazardly placed in two different drawers in the kitchen, because they wouldn't fit into just one...or so I thought.  Now, they are all neatly folded along the back of ONE drawer.  This, in turn, freed up some new space to put my oven mits and allowed for much easier access to my cutting boards and strainer, which I use all of the time. I forgot to take a before picture, but just imagine a little insanity and things shoved tightly into the drawer to get it to close.  I organized

Twin Beds

Twins beds are a great option for a guest room.  Functioning perfectly for when you have more than one single guest coming to stay at your home. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for symmetry and there's nothing that gives you that look better than a room with matching twin beds. I always find twin headboards at the thrift store that leave me dreaming of all of the ways I could make them glamorous.  But if you want to jump right on the glam train, here are a few headboards that you can put in your room immediately. Brighton Sleigh -$462.99 The rich wood color and low profile are so elegant. Casey Twin Trundle -$599.99 Perfect for a small space where there's only room for one full-time bed.  If you have two guests, you can pull out the extra bed from underneath and tuck it away again in the morning.  If your nursery also functions as a guest room, this is a great option for you.  And it's something that your little one can grow into one day.     Cottage Twin -$149.99

Six Months

Jon rolled over last night at midnight and said "HAP-py anniversary!"  :) I love him and the past 6 months we've had together as husband and wife.  Before we know it, it'll be a year!  I guess it's about time to start planning our 1 year trip! Here are a few pictures from Jon's class's graduation we had on Friday night. And alas, our Halloween party costume surprise...Jon and I went as Mario and Wario!  And I got a taste of what it would be like to be pregnant (to some extent) with my inflatable tummy that came with my costume.  But it was the mustache that was the most annoying part of the outfit.  I don't know how guys do it!  Mine definitely didn't stay on all night.   Here's one of the whole Mario gang.  We were a big hit!