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Playroom Day 5

Sorry for the delay in posting our last day's work in Dallas.  I snapped a few pictures on Friday morning before Mindy and I headed back up here for a girls weekend (along with my friend Bekah). So without further adieu, here are the final shots.   The final collage with the added G we spray painted pink. We also spray painted this ceramic pig Mindy found at Marshalls. This wall mount clock was added to the space to the right of the windows.  It digits were originally black until we hit them with a can of purple spray paint to pick up on the fabric colors that will be coming into the room. Lastly, we hung this poster over the toy chest.  I think it's very appropriate for a child's room :) Sadly, we're still waiting on the fabric so we don't have the curtains or pillows in the room, but Mindy is going to send me some more images when they're done so you guys can really see the finished product.  For now, here are the fabric samples again.    Curtains:

Playroom Day 4

As you can see from the photo below, the hydrangea mobile we were trying to make last night did not work out.  We followed all of the steps to the tutorial we found, but it wasn't happening.  So after three hours of frustration, we moved on to the mural art.   We wanted some colorful artwork for the mural, but didn't want to have to buy a bunch of different prints.  My first idea was to look for a children's book with great images, but we couldn't find any at our stops so I decided to peruse the office/school supplies aisle at Target and found these adorable folders that were perfect.   I simply cut out different parts of the folders I wanted to use and layered them on patterned paper for a little more dimension.  Here's how it turned out.  We're going to add a letter G to the bottom left of the collection as well. And here's the new flash card artwork.  One of my favorite parts of the room. Updated shelves. We're getting closer! Tonight we'

Playroom Day 3

Today we're finally seeing the fruits of our labor!  We have some stuff up on the walls, the table and chairs put together and in place and the toys put away!  We still need to organize some of the shelves and hang some more artwork that we're waiting to arrive, but hopefully it will be here tomorrow.  Let me walk you through the new details we've added so far... First up, we have our adorable sparrow hooks on the wall.  These add so much life to the room.  If you're going to use hooks in a playroom, pick a fun shape!  I promise you'll love them.  Here they are again.  I love how well the green and pink tie into the buckets in the toy box.  We're waiting on a poster to come in to hang over the toy box. We also hung up this fun little mirror.  It was originally an iron color, but we spray painted it purple to match the curtains and pillows.  We also hung the last of our three collectors shelves underneath it for easy access for Gabbi. Here is a close-up of

Playroom Day 2

Well, we've been very productive these last 24 hours! We began taping and cutting in around 8:30 last night.  Mindy was the taper and I cut in.  We began rolling at 10:30 and finished the first coat a little after midnight!  Yes, we were determined.  After the hard part was over. The finished product of the first coat. (I waited until this morning to get a picture with natural light.) Of course, since we were painting at night we missed a few spots which we went back over this morning during Gabbi's nap time.  Luckily the second coat always goes faster than the first! After painting, we got the last of the big furniture out of the room and rearranged the furniture that was staying.  Needless to say, we have SO much more room!   Next up was furniture assembly.  We put together the side table and toy chest (both not pictured) and hung our Pottery Barn Kids Collectors shelves which you can see hung in the corner.  Tomorrow we'll paint and hang a few of our wall accesso

Playroom Day 1

Last night Mindy and I started our work on the playroom.  This is what the room looked like when we started. The back side of the room. We cleared off all of the furniture and moved most of the pieces to the center of the room.  We'll have to wait for the boys to move the heavy TV and armoire you see in the corner.  Mindy and I couldn't even get it to budge :) The other side of the room. We gathered all of our necessary supplies today, and tonight we'll begin the painting once Miss Gabbi goes to bed.  We chose the color Plum Passion by Valspar, but got it color matched in Olympia's fee-VOC paint so it's safe for the little one.   Here's a picture I found of the color. Check back tomorrow to see our painted walls!