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Good People

My morning started out a little rough.  It was barely 9am, and I thought my day was destined to be a bad one. Luckily, it quickly became better --starting with getting my hair done, a task that has been neglected since I started working nearly three months ago.  After my hair appointment, I ran over the mall to make a few exchanges for my mom.  While I was there, I decided to pick up some lunch.  After ordering my food, I began to search for a table in the craziness that is the mall after Christmas. I was beginning to think my search would end in no avail when an older man sitting at a table near me asked "Ma'am are you looking for a table?" "Yes, I am but I think I see one that's about to be available over there," I said pointing.  I didn't want to make this gentleman get up from his seat.  Even if he wasn't eating, he was older and I thought his age warranted his sitting in that chair all day long if so chose. But before I could walk away,

Merry Christmas!

Chalkboard Christmas

It seems you can't read a blog without seeing a chalkboard sign somewhere in a post these days.  While these don't fit the style of every home, for many, it is a great way to add a piece of living art to their homes.  This rings true especially around the holidays.  If I ever get around to remembering to buy chalk at the store, I may have one to show you of my own one day!  But for now, here are a few that have inspired me.

In the Navy

Navy blue dining rooms have really been catching my attention lately.  The richness of color alone is enough to make a huge statement, but that, coupled with the instant intimacy the color evokes, makes for a perfect dining space color.   via Rue Mag If our dining room walls weren't openly connected to the rest of my living space, I would paint them navy in a heartbeat.  What you do you think about navy?  Too dark or just right?