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DIY Wire Words

Use wire (make sure the gauge isn't too low so you can easily shape it.)  You can make your words big (seen below) or small. via Amy Atlas They are great for decoration and for gift wrapping too! via Jones Design Company You can form the word by free hand or print out the word in the script you want to use and have that be your guide.  Spray paint them or wrap them in yarn or twine to achieve more colorful and playful look.

Beauty in the Little Things

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Oklahoma.  I look outside and see my surroundings the same as they've always have been.  The same cannot be said on this day for much of my home state of Alabama or the city of alma mater, Tuscaloosa.  If you've been watching any news coverage in the past 24 hours, you'll know that the largest amount of tornados to hit a state in one day occurred yesterday in the state of Alabama.  The aftermath is almost unimaginable.  The current death toll is at 184 and still growing.  People lost their homes and loved ones in a matter of minutes.  I'm so very thankful that my family and friends remained unharmed and offer my sincerest sympathies and prayers to those that didn't escape unscathed.  With such damage and loss of life as this, it seemed almost trivial to write about the my latest party inspiration or room design today.  What little it must mean in the wake of such a horrific disaster, I thought.   But then I began to look a

Kansas City Wrap-up

After checking in to our fabulous hotel (that had mahogany walls and crystal chandeliers and light fixtures everywhere...including the elevators and our room!), we headed out to the Country Club Plaza to have our first taste of Kansas City.  Our first stop was Blanc Burgers + Bottles. They had delicious drinks (I've been on a cherry limeade kick lately) and all kinds of yummy burgers.  Always up for trying something new, Jon had the bison burger and loved it.  My non-adventurous self stuck with the classic and enjoyed it as well.  But aside from the yummy eats and fun, modern atmosphere, this place also got points for food presentation.  Look at the little cart our sweet potato fries came out in! On Saturday we hit up our first museum, the National World War 1 Museum.  Since pending storms were in the forecast we thought it'd be a good day to explore inside.   I'm normally not a big fan of history (Jon is the one who watches The History Channel in our home), but I loved

DIY Artwork, 1-Year Anniversary Gift

Jon and I had a great time in Kansas City this past weekend!  I'll post more on that tomorrow, but today I want to share the gift I made to celebrate our anniversary. As you may have gathered from my post last week, I've been really inspired by artwork coming from the pages of books.  And since I always say that this past year is just one of the chapters in our life together, it seemed fitting to create something symbolizing that.   So with that idea in mind (and the tradition of a paper gift for the 1-year anniversary), I decided to make some book page art.  And not just any book page, but one that was personal and reflected our life together.  I decided to take a portion of our wedding ceremony and vows and type them up to look just like a page in a novel.  I used 24, the day we got married, as the page number and titled the book The Vows. I wanted the page to look as authentic as possible.   So after formatting the page, I went to find a real book page to print it on.  Lu

J. Crew Favorites

I just received my J. Crew May catalog, and as usual, it includes items that have me swooning...and wishing I had a bigger bank account.  Here are some of my favorites: Glitteratti Clutch- $89.50 Tissue Ikat Tank- $48 Brompton Hobo- $298 Gingham Shirt- $72 Cece Studded Flats- $138

Meet the Reutters

The Reutter's (Roy-ter's).  That is what we became on this day a year ago.  How fitting that a year later, we not only get to celebrate our love but also Christ's love for us on this Easter Sunday.  It's a great day of celebrations :)   One of my favorite things about our wedding day was all of the little personal touches that made the wedding "us."  This relationship timeline, that was tucked in every dinner napkin, was just one of those touches.  In honor of our one-year anniversary, I thought we'd check it out again and take a walk down memory lane.  If you don't already know our story, here it is an a snapshot.   Photos by Leslie Roark Photography Happy anniversary, Jon!  Thank you for a great year!   I love you,

April 24, 2010-The Journey Began

We are all packed up and ready to head out to Kansas City to celebrate our 1-year anniversary!  I can't believe it's already been a year.  Seriously, it all went by in a flash!  I'm bring our wedding video and of course the top layer of our cake (the hotel said they'd keep it in their refrigerator for us) with us this weekend.  I watched a snippet of the wedding video yesterday and got teary-eyed.  What a special day it was!  I'm so thankful to all who celebrated with us and for us.  It was a beautiful day, rain clouds and all :) Jon and I are truly blessed-especially with each other.  I can't thank God enough for bringing this man into my life. Kansas City, here we come!