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Child's Play

In general, I enjoy a clean and crisp designed space.  However, when it comes to children's rooms and playrooms, I think the opposite yields the most magic.     Here's a look at wallpaper done right.  A child's room is the perfect place to let your imagination fly!  Mustard floors, blue floral print wallpaper and a fuchsia sombrero...why not?! Designed by Jennifer Jansch This playroom/bunk room was designed by Lisa Sherry.  I love how deceptively simple it looks.  Plus, she knows how to make storage look good! Designed by Lisa Sherry The textures and greens in this room had me swooning.  What little girl wouldn't want to lay her head here? source unknown

3 Years

That's how long it's been since Jon and I said "I do." I know everyone always says it, but it really is hard to believe it's been three years.  Three years is a long time; yet, it still seems like it was just yesterday that we were standing on those windy shores of Inlet Beach, FL. I think a lot of the "just yesterday" memories are because I had such a hands-on experience with my wedding day.  I can still remember me and my sister putting together my bridesmaids bouquets, my mom and her best friend helping arrange the table centerpieces, my friend Emily making my table visions a reality on the day of the wedding and the list goes on.  It was quite a family affair, and I honestly wouldn't have changed it one bit.  Our special day was made even more special by the people who had their hands on it, and I will be forever grateful. I was looking through old albums last night and found some pictures from my sister's camera showing the beginning p

Before and After-Kitchen Pendants

When we first moved into our new home, these are the lights that hung over the bar in the kitchen.  Not horrid to most, but way too small for me.  And they screamed "builder grade." Here's another shot showing their small size and wrong height. After some research and oogling, I finally decided on some beautiful Regina Andrew globe pendants .  Thankfully, I was able to order them through work so the pricetag wasn't AS haunting.  But even still, I'd say the pricetag was well worth the transformation. via Tracery Interiors I opted for this darker finish to compliment our existing cabinet hardware. Here they are in action!  I absolutely love them and couldn't be happier with how they've transformed the space.  Now I just need to replace three other lights in the home!  Jon will be a master electrician before I'm done :) Here's one more before and after.  What do you think of the change?

Guest Room Before and After-Healing Aloe

 Here is a shot of the room in all of its coral glory.  Great for a teenager, not for a soothing guest room. And here is the Healing Aloe after.  Healing Aloe is a color by Benjamin Moore. It was hard to get a good shot of the true color, but it is more of a seafoam than gray. Aside from painting the walls and buying a new white quilt for the bed, everything else in the space we already had--most of which are hand-me-downs (bed and dresser) or thrift store finds (lamp and side table).  It will all be sufficient for now, and hopefully a space that our guests will love. I'm very happy with the outcome and the progress of one more room in the house coming closer to completion.  One down, three to go (at least in the painting department!)

What's in My Bag-LBD Outfit

Here's a look at one of my recent purchases from Piperlime .  I love this site because of their free shipping and free returns.  You can't go wrong with that!  Here's what I put in my bag.  I didn't buy all of the items as an outfit, but upon arrival, I saw how great of a team they'd make :)  And it helps that I saved 20% on all of them with a promo code.  I love Piperlime! (And no they didn't give me anything to write this.) 1- The little black dress.  Business in the front.  Party in the back. 2- You had me at fringe...and statement necklace.  I'm a sucker for a good statement necklace. 3- The perfect dressy black sandal, complete with a gold zipper in the back.