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Sun n' Fun

When I jokingly asked Jon what I should write about today, he said "Me going to Sun n' Fun!"  He is referring to the air show he left for today in Lakeland, FL.  If you're around the area, you should check it out.  My hubby will be the guy with the shaved head talking about the T-1.  :)
When I think of sun n' fun, though, I don't think of airplanes.  I think of the beach and coastal decor.  So in the spirit of "sun n' fun," I bring to you some coastal design inspiration.  
via Coastal Living
via Coastal Living
via House Beautiful
via Coastal Living
via VRBO
via Coastal Living
via Coastal Living
via Coastal Living

Woof Wednesday

As many of you know, our sweet fur baby, Remington, was adopted from an SPCA shelter in town.  If it weren't for them, he would have been euthanized months before we even got to meet his sweet face.  I am forever grateful to the people who devote their time and money to saving animals.  And now I want to help too!

Woof Wednesdays is a non-profit organization that brings awareness to shelter dogs by posting their pictures and information on Wednesdays.  You can post via facebook or on your blog.  Their motto is "No paw left behind."  I hope you'll join us in the fight for animals that can't fight for themselves!
This week I'm bringing to you Rusty, the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  

Rusty is a shy, sweet, sensitive fellow. He spent one month in boarding school with Ralph Gibson, a well-known trainer in Alabama. Ralph brought Rusty out of a submissive state and gave him confidence. Rusty knows commands, and is obsessed with shaking hands.  Not aggressive. Rusty is fe…

It's a Small World

Or at least it's a small blogging world.  A while back I was searching for baby shower and kid party inspiration and found the blog Mrs. A in The Cove written by an Australian named Leanne.  It is filled with wonderful party designs and craft ideas.
One of the things I fell in love with on Leanne's site were these adorable glass bottles she used at her parties.  

After swooning over these bottles in so many of her entries, I asked her if she knew where I could find some in the U.S.  It turns out these bottles are from fruit nectar drinks made my Santa Vittoria, and unfortunately are not sold in the States.  
Knowing I couldn't get them here, Leanne messaged me telling me she would soon be selling them herself and asked if I would I like her to get a quote with shipping.  I of course said "Yes!" and thought to myself "I'm communicating with someone in Australia!  How crazy is that!?"  
She was so sweet to look up two different shipping locations for me, …

House of Hydrangeas Shop

In case you haven't noticed the new link at the top of my page, I now have a shop to sell all of my vintage finds to you guys.  Items will be added as I find them because I don't want to sell anything I wouldn't want in my own home.  Check out the current items here and stay tuned for more finds!

Bathroom Inspiration

I've been gathering ideas for our next place for awhile now.  I have a folder entitled "Wish List" sitting on my desktop that is just full of wonderful inspiration.  I thought I'd start sharing some of the ideas with you...starting with bathrooms.
Basketweave tile.  Don't mind if I do.
Open air vanities.  Swoon.  I love the idea of taking a server table and turning it into a vanity.  I also love the mix of metals used in this space.  Nickel fixtures, gold frames...perfect.
Hobnail cups functioning as storage.  
You had me at beadboard.  I also love the simple black and white palette.
But all white isn't bad either.  Especially when it includes a tub like that.

Coffee Table Dilemma

I am many things, but one of them is not decisive.  I admit I have gotten better over the years, but I still have a long way to go.  For some reason, I am really good about answering someone else's questions, but when it comes to decisions in my own, I'm often torn between options.  Right now those options involve a new coffee table.
I've been using a faux letter ottoman as my coffee table for the last 4 years.  I got it right before I moved to Dallas, and it worked great in my little studio, but now we need something a little more substantial.
I've been debating for awhile on what I want in a coffee table and my ideas are pretty wide in range.  The one thing I have ruled out is getting a glass table.  I think they are beautiful, but often times not the most functional or realistic-especially if we plan on having children in the next few years.  
So that leaves me with these three options: wood, acrylic and fabric (on a larger, tufted ottoman).  
For the wood option, I wan…

This Is What I Wake Up To Every Morning...

I told Jon that I don't need an alarm clock because I have Remington :)
Happy Friday!

Shoes for Spring

You Are The Milk To My Cookies

That is what I had written on a Post-it note stuck to our bathroom mirror this morning.  I wanted Jon to see it right when he got up to get ready for work.  Today marks 11 months for us.  It's kinda crazy to fathom, but it's been a great journey!
I found this print on Etsy after my little love note was written.  It seems like a perfect print to add to my collection :) 

Design Online

If you're looking for great, FREE sources for design, fashion and entertaining inspiration, you're in luck. In the past year, online magazines (web-zines or e-zines) has grown tremendously.  I, for one, am a huge fan.  These magazines are economical (most of them require no monetary subscription), convenient (items showcased often have a direct link to locate them online), and easy (no more clipping out ideas from magazines and filing them in my binders--now I just save an electronic file).
In case you're unfamiliar with the e-zine world, I'll share with you a few that you should check out. 
Rue Magazine-Full of fashion, finds and design this is "your pathway to stylish living," as they so elegantly describe themselves.  They just launched their fourth issue yesterday.  And just like the initial three, it did not disappoint.  

High Gloss Magazine-A lifestyle magazine featuring interior design, fashion, entertaining and travel ideas.  This is a pretty new e-zine,…