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Planes or Pearls? Gender Reveal Party

On Friday, June 28th, Jon and I headed out to see the gender of Baby Reutter.  Jon wanted to find out as soon as possible, and I wanted to wait to be surprised with everyone at the reveal party the next day. So we decided that he would find out and be the one set up the "big reveal."  Baby Reutter didn't want to cooperate on the first attempt but after some cold water, walking around and sweet patience from the ultrasound tech, we got the "money shot."  I'm not going to lie, it was a bit torturous at first to not be in the know with Jon, but after the first few hours, I was good to go and so excited about the surprise for the next day.  Here we are about to head out to the reveal appointment.

Now for the reveal party on Saturday...As mentioned before, I wanted a unique theme for the party.  Since Jon is a pilot, I thought planes would be a cute idea for a boy.  For the girl, I thought of pearls; they're sweet, feminine and also happen to be my birthstone.  Thus, the Planes or Pearls? reveal party was born.  I created the invitation and got to work on all of the other details.  I'll let the photos do most of the talking...

The plane flying the "precious cargo" banner is a vintage airplane that belonged to my great uncle.  I'm so glad we got to put it to use!

The entry table had baby photos of Jon and myself as well as one of the ultrasound pics of Baby Reutter.  It is also where guests casted their votes and picked up their pilot wings or pearl necklaces to show their guess.

It was so fun coming up with all of the signs and details for the party theme.  These signs I made were some of my favorites.

Jon's patches were the perfect touch on the planes side of the table.

No party is complete without a drink station, or in our case, a refueling station :)

We kept the food menu pretty simple with burgers, pasta salad, chips, fruit, ice cream and cupcakes.

My mom made the circle garland by sewing together 2.5" circle punches I made from scrapbook paper.  It was such a simple and easy project that I'm sure I'll do again.

Of course, I couldn't just have ice ice cream bar with your choice of toppings was a must for this summer soiree!

The cupcakes were filled with blue and pink filling, and the girl ones were topped with "pearl" gum balls.

Now that all of the details are out...let's talk reveal!  Here's Jon "suiting" up the dogs for the big show.  They were set to run out the front door to me and all of the guests wearing signs with the big reveal.  Remington was to wear a "Baby Brother" or "Baby Sister" sign while Riley followed with a sign that said " landing."  Would baby sister or baby brother be coming in for approach?

Here come the dogs!...Remi says "It's a boy!"

In all of our excitement and focus on Remington, we forgot Jon was still inside...until he came walking out with a sign of his own.  What?!?  Baby sister?!  I have to give it to him.  He threw us all for a loop!  It was the best surprise!

We can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl!  To see the video of the reveal, go here.

Now for the guesses...Those that guessed "Planes."

Those that guessed "Pearls."  The planes were slightly outnumbered. :)

Well, it looks like the majority was right! :)

Baby Sister is landing sometime around late November!

This party could have not been a success without all of the friends and family who came down to help and celebrate with us.  I know many of you drove hours just to be here with us and share in this exciting time of our little blessing.   We are so thankful for each and every one of you and love you dearly!  Our baby girl is already so very loved :)

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