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Our Wedding Day-The Good, The Bad, The Details

It's time to celebrate another year with my man!  Today is our two year wedding anniversary.  How has it already been two years?!  In honor of our anniversary, I wanted to reminisce about our special day, tell you about the things that didn't go as planned and maybe even give you a few ideas for your own wedding :) So here is the good, the bad and the details from our special day.

The Good...

This is one of my favorite shots from the day. My big sis helping me put on my dress just as she has helped me with so many other things in life.  So symbolic :)

It was also a happy day for her.  April 24, 2010 was not only our wedding day, but also the day my sister got engaged!  It will always be a special day for both of us for the rest of our lives.

Instead of the minister introducing us as Mr. and Mrs. Jon Reutter, Jon's best man and brother did.  Much more appropriate and personal I believe. :)

One of my favorite moments of the night was our first dance.  It was like the whole world was standing still while we had our moment.  

 One of my other favorite moments of the day was our exit.  I don't know if it was the cheers, the sparklers or just the culmination of a wonderful day, but in that moment, I felt so loved.  I remember vividly looking out the car window as we pulled away and remarking to Jon how extremely blessed we were to have each and every person there helping celebrate our love and cheering us on into the beginning of our journey.  It was truly a special moment I'll never forget.

The Bad...

I've mentioned before that no event ever goes exactly as planned, and ours was definitely no exception!  Instead of sharing just the pretty points of our day, I think it's important to be real and let you know it wasn't all sunshine and roses...especially the sunshine part.

The weather was definitely the largest factor in most of the "unplanned" parts of the day.  As you can see in this picture the red flag was up...and for good reasons.  We had storm clouds looming overhead all day and the winds were 40+mph.  The extreme winds caused the table candles to blow out, the flower vases and wine glasses to topple over and everyone's hair to fly sideways.  The candles stayed out, the vases were filled with sand to weigh them down, the wine glasses were moved off the tables and everyone just let their hair fly :)

The wind also challenged a few of our photos.  Our parasols were a little difficult to hold up in this picture and some even ended up tearing (thanks to photoshop and my awesome photographer, you can't even tell!).

The veil I have on in this picture was meant to be worn in the ceremony as well, but the wind kept blowing out the clip.  About 2 seconds after this shot, the photographer's assistant was chasing it down the beach!  As least we got a few great shots of it blowing in the "breeze" :)

It rained off and on before the wedding, which led to a lot of my bridesmaid photos taking place inside. But in the end, it worked out perfectly.  I was left with cute, candid shots like this instead of the typical "stand in a line and smile" photos.

When Jon first tried on his band, it was a little snug so I had to take it to get resized at the jeweler before the wedding.  When it was ready, I went to pick it up, paid for it and left thinking all was right.  However, we learned on the day of the wedding when we started to take pictures that the ring had not been enlarged after all.  It just so happened that one of Jon's groomsmen had a white gold ring in the correct size that we could use for the ceremony!  So the ring in our photos is not even Jon's.

The Details...

I decided all of the printed pieces for our wedding...the save-the-dates, invitation, program, table numbers, couples timeline, etc.  One my favorite was the calendar inspired save-the-date in our wedding colors.

I used the logo, M + J, throughout our wedding to add a personal touch.  Koozies were given out as favors and were also in our gift bags for guests.  We also included snacks, drinks and the oh so appropriate monogrammed frisbee for our guests to enjoy on the beach.

1.  My mom handstitched our monogram and wedding date on my carter.  It's a keepsake I hope my daughter can wear one day and add her own initials and date on the other strip of the bow.
2.  I carried my grandmother, Julia's, hankie around my bouquet.  It was a great way to remember her, and it worked out well that I married a man who also has the first initial J.
3.  We used a wine bucket with "Texas" at our drink station as a tribute to where we met.
4.  I personalized linen pouches with "my favorite" and "best friend" for our ring shots.
5.  We ordered "Team Reutter" shirts to wear on the plane to our honeymoon the next morning.  It's a phrase we always used, and it prompted a lot of "Aww!  Did you just get married!?" moments at the airport :)

We got married at a 100+ year old house in Inlet Beach, Florida.

I was drawn to all of the charm the house had and embraced all of the vintage furnishings, like this clawfoot tub we snuck into the photoshoot. :)

I wore a Watters dress I found at a bridal boutique in Dallas, TX.  It was the second dress I tried on.  My best friend's mom did my hair, and I did my own makeup. I had every intention of getting my nails done but ran out of time making sure all of my DIY details were complete.

While I decided not to splurge on a live band for the reception, it was important to me to have violin music for the ceremony on the beach.  I didn't want everything to be super traditional so I had the violinist play songs like "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles, "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Frankie Vallie and "The Scientist" by Coldplay.

Jon would wear flip flops every day of his life if he could, so that was the natural choice for his footwear.  I wore jeweled flats by Steve Madden-the perfect mix of casual elegance.

At the end of the day, everything worked out, and we were married!  It just goes to show that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  Happy anniversary, Jon!  I look forward to many more years and memories with you :)

Images via Leslie Roark Photography



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