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Magnificent Monograms

Monograms became all the rage a few years ago. So much so that now, you can find just about anything you want already monogrammed at the store. Personally, I think it can be a little too much, especially in home decor. My general rule is that if it comes to the store already monogrammed, steer clear. Such items will only make your home look cheap. Try to avoid anything that screams "mass produced!" After all, it's the personal and unique touches that move your house from predictable to posh.

Let's face it--anyone can buy a 'R' monogrammed pillow and throw it on their couch, but that doesn't make it stylish. Here are a few examples of how to do monogramming right.

These hand towels featured in Lonny add just the right touch of elegance and color to this beautiful bathroom, and the unique letter framing is to die for.

Monograms don't have to be loud to make an impact. This personalized julep cup from Pottery Barn is stylishly subtle and can serve many purposes around the house.

This is another fabulous Pottery Barn find. I am a big fan of trays, and this one definitely catches my eye. Talk about a divine way to have breakfast in bed.

Speaking of beds, how about adding a touch of personalization there? I think it's a great idea, if done right. And this example proves that monograms don't always have to be traditional. It all depends on the font. We used this same JF Ringer font on our wedding save-the-dates and invitations, so I may be a little partial, but I think these pillows are amazing.

Here's another bedding example on the opposite end of the spectrum. The initialed bedding shown here gives this otherwise standard coastal decor a tailor-made look.

And for a modern/traditional fix, check out how well these beautiful scroll letter pillows compliment this room.

We have our own monogrammed pillow cases that we received as a wedding gift from my mom and each time I see them, I love them a little more.

And to round out the group...chairs.

Monogrammed velvet...what could be more regal?

I am a big fan of slip covers. And these particular ones are just too adorable for words. While the "R" is the right initial, I could only dream that these belonged to me.

Lastly is the idea of monogramming the back of a dining room chair. There is something so simple and stately about this look that I just adore.

Okay, I lied. I'll give you one more. Because fall is just around the corner. And because it's my favorite season. This means that I have a love for pumpkins and all of the warmth they can bring. These, however, go above and beyond. To me, nothing says "home" like a pumpkin glowing with your home's initials. I think I may have some similar ones on my porch in a couple of months. :)


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